About Alchemy

Alchemy, previously Neverfrost, was founded in May 2013 by a group of Nanotechnology Engineering graduates from the University of Waterloo. The company began with an intent to commercialize an innovation in sprayable anti-frost coatings, but soon thereafter expanded its technological infrastructure to include the current ExoShield technologies.

At Alchemy, our ambition and vision is quite simple: to build a nanotechnology company for the 21st century. We believe that with the right platform technologies, a culture that encourages creative risk taking, and a modern approach towards creating and commercializing technology, we can commercialize nanotechnology far more rapidly than it is done today.


Throughout its journey to commercialization, Alchemy has been supported and backed by world-renowned investors and organizations. Their support and mentorship has been instrumental to our progress to-date.


We are a group of engineers, scientists, designers, and tinkerers with one thing in common: ambition. We are an incredibly hard working group driven by our motivations to achieve our common goal, and we hope that anyone thinking of joining our team be cut from the same cloth. Obviously, we know that diversity is key to survival and as a result, everyone on our team brings a unique array of skills, education, and experiences to our group.


Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Whenever I've needed that extra jolt of energy or motivation, all I've had to do is remind myself this incredibly ambitious mission we've all signed up for. And before I realize it, whatever problem I was stuck on is history.


Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder

Working with the team at Alchemy challenges me every day to come up with new solutions in revolutionizing nanotechnology one product at a time.


Sales and Installations Manager

Growing up working at my dad’s garage, I am excited that every day I can be the customers voice in innovating the automotive industry.


Research Intern

I was motivated during my Co-op at Alchemy because of the passionate and friendly environment that was created by everyone here. Each person I worked with really cared about providing the best product and overall experience for clients day in and day out.


Product Specialist

My passion for Nanotechnology pushed me to gain my PhD in the field. Now Alchemy has given me the opportunity to use my passion to make a sustainable impact on the automotive industry and the world.


Marketing Specialist

My motivation has always been through a focus on creating sustainable, innovative initiatives. Working with my team at Alchemy, I am able to be part of an amazing opportunity to make impactful changes in an industry long overdue for out-of-the-box solutions.


Product Specialist

We’re tackling problems that have never been surmounted before, creating products that have only ever been dreamed of, using technology that’s nothing short of magic. My favourite part: we have a team that has convinced me beyond any trace of doubt that we are transforming vision into reality.

We’re always happy to share our experiences and offer assistance, so if you’d like to reach out to anyone on our team for any reason, please feel free to do so. For any solicitations, please reach out via our main contact form to maximize your chance of hearing back from us.